L.A. Splash Magazine article on Tess Broussard – Actress, Model, Socialite

Tess Broussard - Actress, Model, Socialite

A few quotes from L.A. Splash Magazine  about Tess Broussard – “A sense of humor, kind heart, and active physicality; Tess Broussard has championed industry after industry to cement herself as a celebrity amongst numerous fields.”

“Her public persona has a more serious undertone as Broussard has previously taken part in the high-profile magazine FHM. With a solid portfolio involving General Motors Cadillac Division, Harley Davidson, and Budweiser national campaigns, Tess moved on from swimwear and sportswear modeling to roles in television and film.”

Tess quickly eliminates stereotypes with the wave of a degree in advertising from Pepperdine University and loaded social calendar featuring active involvement in animal abuse rescue and homeless organizations. Currently designing a line of women’s and pet accessories, Broussand supports causes she believes in – leading to the adoption of a tuxedo cat and 2 dogs- named Chip, Gucci and Salvador Dali.”

Tess Broussard – Actress/Model/Socialite | Splash Magazines | Los Angeles