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L.A. Splash Magazine article on Tess Broussard – Actress, Model, Socialite

Tess Broussard - Actress, Model, Socialite

A few quotes from L.A. Splash Magazine  about Tess Broussard – “A sense of humor, kind heart, and active physicality; Tess Broussard has championed industry after industry to cement herself as a celebrity amongst numerous fields.”

“Her public persona has

John and Dave in LA Podcast Interviews Celebrity Tess Broussard

John and Dave in La podcast with Tess BroussardClick on the link below and listen to  Tess Broussard’s first interview on the John and Dave show in LA. The group had such a blast that they invited Tess back as a weekly co-host and to do the celebrity … Read More...

Splash Magazine posts article on Tess Broussard-Actress, Model, Reality Star, Socialite

splash Mag posts article on Tess BroussardActress, model, socialite Tess Broussard has a full schedule between her work as an actress,active in charity  for the homeless,My Hope for Children-disaster relief, and animal rescue. Broussard is on the Nick Show Kroll- Comedy Central and is an active … Read More...

GBCWOW snaps picture of Tess Broussard and “Stuttering John” From the Howard Stern Show


Actress Tess Broussard and “Stuttering John” from the Howard Stern Show, now a writer on the Jay Leno Show, are captured on camera  leaving a business meeting.
(click the link below to read full story)


Tess Broussard and "Stuttering John" from the Howard Stern ShowRead More...

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