Tess Broussard Tess BroussardTM is a socialite and a true Southern Belle who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her education and a career path in the arts. After a lot of hard work and effort, Tess has established herself as an accomplished actress and model. Tess arrived in Los Angeles to pursue her education, graduating from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in advertising. After college, Tess challenged herself in a number of diverse work environments. She worked as an account executive at an advertising agency, as a paralegal, in public relations and in real estate, all while pursuing her dream of an acting and modeling career. After years of diligence and perseverance, this Eurasian beauty found success as a swimsuit model and spokesperson.

In the following years, Tess represented companies such as General Motors Cadillac Division, Harley Davidson, and Budweiser in their national campaigns. She was also featured in several sportswear and swimsuit calendars, catalogues, and in the high-profile magazine FHM. Tess then became successful in the world of acting. She played the Pink Vixen on VRTroopers, a popular children’s show. She has also made appearances on the Jaime Foxx Show, various HBO movies and popular game shows, including a stint as the host on the Extreme Gong Show.

Not a vacuous nor self-centered actress, Tess spends most of her free time giving back to the community as an active volunteer. She is currently designing a line of women’s and pet accessories and is continuing her  public speaking tour.

Tess has been especially active at several local animal shelters. Her love for animals has resulted in her adoption of  a cat and  2 dogs named Gucci  and Salvador Dali. Her other pastimes include staying physically fit, reading, traveling, yoga, 4-wheeling and appreciating modern art.