Name Tess Broussard
Sex Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5’5″
Weight 110 lbs
Astrological Sign Cancer
Hobbies Painting, volunteering time with abused animals, yoga,
Birthday June 28
Union Affiliation SAG/AFTRA
Favorite Music Top 40, R & B, Rock, and Country, indie


Kroll Show   –    Shannon    –    Dir. Jon Krisel
French Housewives of Beverly Hills   –   Friend of Housewife –    French TV
The Eric Andre Show-    Tiger Wood’s Mistress-    Dir: Andrew Barchilon & Kitao SamuraiLiving the Life of German Princes      –     Prince Michael’ Girlfriend     –    German TV
Gene Simmons House of Jewels       –    Friend     –        Dir. Trey Whitaker
Rude awakening      –      co-star     –      HBO
Resurrection Boulevard     –     co-star     –     Showtime
Jaimie Fox      –     co-star      –     Warner Brothers
X-Show     –     guest-star     –    FX Channel
The Extreme Gong Show      –   hostess      –    Game Show Network
Clueless   – co-star   –     UPN
VR Troopers   –    series regular    –    UPN
Baywatch Nights    –   guest-star    –      Syndicated


Ultimate Warrior –     Fawn     –      Director Rich Styles

Secret Agent 420      –      lead     –     Director Jeremy London

Samurai Vampire & the Biker from Hell  –   co-star –   Director Scott Shaw


South Park/Master P Let it Ride  –     co-star   – Comedy Central
Susan Powter Infomercial    –      Give Me Five      –      Quantum
Will Smith     –     Gettin Giggy Wit It       – Columbia Records
Warren G      –      Smok’n Me Out     –      Def Jam Records
Spearhead         –         U Can’t Sing Our Song    –     Capital Records
Keith Sweat        –      Just a Touch     –        Elektra
Guns & Roses       –      November Rain       –       Geffen Records


GMC Trucks, AT&T Phone, Sprite Beverage, Toyota car


Budweiser Beer, Miller Beer, Coors Beer, Cadillac Automobile, Harley-Davidson, Citre Shine Hair Products, Sony Video Games, Bonzai Muffler, Perfetto Sportswear, Noki-Oi Swimwear, Shirely’s of Hollywood Lingerie Catalogue & Spokes modeling, FHM Men’s Fashion Magazine, Hummer SUV, Playboy Model book of Linguerie


John and Dave Show in LA – Co-Host and Reporting the Tess’ Celeb Report


The Groundlings- comedy, LA, CA
Vincent Chase Acting Workshop- LA, CA
John Sarno Acting Workshop- LA, CA
Michael Lien Commercial Workshop- LA, CA
Mark Sikes Cold Reading Workshop- LA, CA
Pepperdine University- B.A. in Advertising
Paralegal- Litigation
Real Estate- Residential


Weight Lifting, Swimming, Southern Accent, Computer, Yoga, Pilates, Golfing, Modeling-Editorial Print model, Posters/Calendars, Swimwear/Fitness